Supertest Digest #1



Greetings, pilots!

We’re starting a new series of posts where we will tell you all about activities and tests held on Supertest. We plan to make it a regular series and it will also serve as a way to give you a peek into what we’re currently developing.

Let’s begin. For the past two weeks, Supertest participants have been busy testing the new daily missions that are scheduled to appear in the game with update 1.9.1.

Screenshot from the new Daily Missions panel on Supertest build

Daily missions represent a set of three missions that are assigned to each player every day and should add more interest and meaning to your battles. Completing them will provide rewards such as credits, XP and various ingame items. Once the new day starts, the completed missions are replaced by new ones. Also you can swap any of the three assigned missions for a new one if you want. The new version allows you to do this every 4 hours. The variety of missions has been greatly increased compared to the ones we had before — the Supertest has been working on a pool of over a hundred. They are assigned randomly, but the mechanism always checks that the player has appropriate machines in their Hangar to complete them. There will also be a new mechanic — every daily mission can be completed in three different tiers of battles (I-IV, V-VII and VIII-X), and their rewards will scale according to difficulty of these battles.

The Supertest team had several tasks before them: check average time to complete a single mission on all three difficulty levels, assess mission engagement, reward attractiveness, and, naturally, to find and report any bugs.

Over several test sessions we’ve gathered a significant amount of feedback, both positive and negative. The Supertesters liked the option to tackle a mission with various tiers of aircraft and get an appropriate prize. The ability to complete missions in the background without needing to choose any of them as active first was also deemed a positive improvement, as well as an option to swap a mission at any stage of completion. Some of the team gave mixed reports: for some the missions seemed too difficult, for others, credits and XP rewards felt insufficient. Despite that, everyone was positive about the decision to add various consumables to the prize pool. As for inevitable bug squashing, several mistakes in mission descriptions were located, a bug with completion progress accumulation was found, and we’ve found some weird behavior with the mechanics of mission assignment that depends on the player’s aircraft pool. The team responsible for daily missions is already working on resolving them, as well as improving the overall functionality and fine-tuning the mission assignment system. In a couple of days the Supertest team will get a second iteration where mission assignment and progress mechanics will be evaluated.

Also we’ve received some interesting suggestions, though most of them will require some time to implement. For example, it was suggested that there should be a separate award for completing a mission on all three difficulty levels. Also the members of the team suggested that mission progress info should be displayed directly in the battle interface, similar to the system we had for complex missions during the War Cache special. We can’t yet say for sure how much time will be needed to implement these and other improvements or if they will be ready for the release with update 1.9.1. If not, we’ll be working to include them in future patches. Regardless of that, the current version of daily missions should make the game far more interesting and engaging.

Additionally, the next few weeks for both Supertest and development teams will be dedicated to new aircraft that are entering the pre-release test phase. These are the USSR’s MiG I-260 multirole fighter and the North American P-82B heavy fighter from the USA branch — both Tier VIII aircraft. Public Test participants might have seen these machines in battle already, and now they will be tested in real battle conditions. The main goal of this test stage is to gather and assess statistical data on their performance on a live server. So, look out for the newcomers and engage them at will!


See you in the skies of World of Warplanes, pilots!

Larisa Vishnya (Lead Supertest Manager)


I started as a World of Tanks player back in 2010. The game engaged me so much that soon I started participating in the Supertest and became the coordinator for English-speaking community in a while. I was very interested in optimizing and enhancing its process and paid close attention to other Wargaming projects. At the time World of Warplanes entered active development stage and I joined it during Closed Beta stage. Warplanes have become a kind of obsession for me, and when the time came when the project needed to start its own Supertest I became its manager, joining Persha Studia in 2012. My responsibilities include organizing external testing, managing Supertest volunteers, organizing results collection after Common Test stages and delivering all this information to the development team. I really love my job and root for the project, putting all my efforts into making my favourite game better and more interesting.