New Developers Diaries Video Is Live

Greetings, pilots!

It’s been a while, and now we’re renewing the Developers Diaries video series that will tell you news from World of Warplanes and describe upcoming changes to the game, as well as more distant plans of development. Update 1.8 is very close and today we will talk about main features that are coming with it. They are:

  • A new kind of Specials – the War Cache.
  • New Tier VIII premium aircraft.
  • Changes to flights.
  • Much anticipated activation of the client-side physics system.
  • New kind of events in the game – aircrafts’ birthdays.

Meanwhile the Squirrels team is already hard at work preparing the next video of the series that will deal with changes that will come to World of Warplanes in more distant future. Stay tuned!