Chasing the Lightning

1. Well Begun Is Half Done

The first mission is very easy, any aircraft will be able to complete it. I chose the Fw 190A-5 and Bf 109 F Friedrich.

2. Free Hunt

To gain 3 Ace awards we will need fighters that are capable to stand up for themselves in dogfights. Luckily I was able to complete this mission simply claiming the X5 Exp on 3 different machines – the Gustav (Bf 109 G), Spitfire V and the British premium Mustang Mk. I.

3. Omnivorous

To complete the mission that requires us to shoot down 3 different aircraft classes you won’t need any specific plane – just a fortunate battle. The P-38F Lightning made it for an easy ride, while in between I had a battle to remember – my Mustang Mk.I against 5 enemies, 2 of which – a tier higher than me. Ace, Quick Shot and 1852 experience points without bonuses – my reward for outplaying them. 

Download replay.

4. Overwhelming Superiority

The same Lightning helped me to earn maximum amount of superiority points – I really like piloting this heavy fighter. Several fights in the Mustang’s cockpit also helped to complete the extra mission. Both Mustang and Lightning had battles that brought me 130 points – one featured 7 kills, another – 8.

Download replay.

Download replay.

5. Make It to the Top

The only effective way to gain maximum experience points among both teams in battle would be to shoot down a lot of planes, so we’ll need a suitable aircraft. I completed the mission with the help of Bf 109 G and P-51A Mustang.

6. Species Diversity

You will not need anything special to shoot down aircraft from 3 different nations in one battle – just decent piloting and shooting skills. For me Fw 109A-5 made for a good tool to do that – high firepower and accuracy didn’t leave any chances to enemies.

7. Barehanded

Since premium aircraft don’t have any upgraded modules, they are suitable to complete this mission. I chose the British Mustang and Japanese wonder-machine – J8M Shusui – because they are easy to fly and quite capable of shooting down a lot of enemies.

8. Survival Rules

In this mission we will need to bring 2 enemies down and survive. The recipe for success – pick any heavy fighter or high-altitude light fighters and use their strong features to your advantage. In worst case scenarios you can simply hide so high that no one will be able to get to you.

9. Natural Selection

Fw 190A-5 and heavy fighters are the best candidates for this mission. By the end of any battle you will find surviving attack aircraft that will have over 50 superiority points in their pocket – shoot them down and voila!

10. Victory to the Strongest

The most effective way to earn 1000+ experience points for me was to gather a lot of enemies on my six and then survive, letting the allies shoot them down and dealing what damage I could. German fighters from the Messerschmitt branch – the Friedrich and Gustav – were the best choice for my tactic.

11. The Good, The Bad and The Quick

Earning Ace and Quickshot is not too difficult if you’re piloting the Fw 190A-5 – its high caliber cannons make shooting down several enemies in a row a trivial thing. But you can pick any other fighter as long as you’re comfortable dogfighting in it.

12. Heavenly Fire

This mission is not hard at all, it just requires patience and an aircraft with good outboard armament. For instance, Bristol Beaufighter is great for this role due to two 500 lb bombs and 8 rockets that easily bring at least 32-60 ground attack points per battle.

13. Hachimaki

In this mission we’ll need to pay special attention to enemy attack aircraft and heavy fighters because they give more points. This is why we’ll need a maneuverable fighter with good armament. My choice – Bf 109 G, Fw 190A-5 and A6M5. While completing this mission I had a battle where my trusted Gustav brought me a Gorovets Medal and 4195 experience points.

Download replay.

14. Multiple Targets

P-38F Lightning is a natural choice if you need Destroyer awards – just shoot its 12 rockets into ships and earn the needed 15 ground attack points, then gain altitude and shoot 4 enemies down. Patience and attentiveness – that’s all you need.

15. Lords of the Sky

Of course it’s very hard to get 150 superiority points when flying solo. But if you’re in a flight – this mission is a piece of cake. I completed it with the help from my friend who chose the Il-2 (t) – we managed to get as much as 190 points. While I created chaos in the sky fighting in my Bf 109 F, my squad mate laid waste to enemy objects.

16. Pantheon

This mission is just a bit more complicated than #14 and won’t need any change in tactics. We’ll need a machine that’s able to get 15 ground attack points very quickly and then dogfight successfully. This means we need a fighter with rockets. F4U-1 Corsair, P-38F Lighting are up for the task, the good old Beaufighter is also quite decent to get both Ace and Destroyer awards in a single battle. During one of the battles I managed to get 7 kills, 131 superiority points, a Clostermann Medal – even after an ally rammed me accidentally!

Download replay.

17. Double Blow

Since this mission requires us to deal a lot of damage we’ll need something with heavy armament, especially capable of fighting Attack Aircraft and staying alive under rear gunner’s fire. Fw 190A-5 is great in this role – its high damage output allows us to shoot down an attack aircraft in a single run, while 2 rockets make the task even easier with a bit of luck. You can also give the Me 410 a shot – I just didn’t’t have it researched.

18. Long Way to the Summit

The final mission is the easiest of all – we simply needed to win. This time I didn’t score 14 kills, but 3 are also not bad. No special requirements there – pick any aircraft and get airborne! When you’re back with victory – the all-new Lockheed XP-58 Chain Lightning will be waiting for you in the hangar.