Hear Us Roar!



The upcoming update will feature a new set of thematic paint jobs and nose art pieces for several popular warplanes. They will give our players a new means to differentiate their aircraft from others in the skies of World of Warplanes. Now they can emphasize their aggression and fearsomeness, because this time the set is inspired by beasts!

Animalistic decorations are traditional for military aviation. They were popularized during World War I, when different regiments and individual pilots put various predators in their insignia and emblems. Later on, it evolved into a tradition of decorating aircraft’s noses with snarling snouts, bared teeth or other symbolic images, and finally into unique full-body paint schemes for prominent aviators or decorated machines. Sometimes they served as an illustration of the pilot’s aggression and ferociousness in battle, while other times they served as humorous memorabilia for events that happened on a mission.

Our new set will feature 14 paint schemes and nose art for popular researchable and premium aircraft. The Il-2 will get an image of a cunning fox that sneaks up on an unsuspecting enemy fortification. A furious warthog will emphasize that the Yak-7 is not an enemy you want to face head on. The I-17 will get a snake skin and nose art, appropriate for this nimble and elusive fighter. The Bf 110B will try on a new relentless rhinoceros outfit, while his smaller brother, the Bf 109B, will sport a dashing leopard look.

And of course we wouldn’t forget the tricky raccoon, this time it will settle upon the wings of the Spitfire I!

Get ready to rule the skies with your beastly and beautiful warplanes!